• I miss your body
  • I miss sharing meals with you
  • I miss sending you funny memes
  • I miss you sending me funny memes
  • I miss waking up with you
  • I miss the feeling of you sleeping in my arms
  • I miss the smell of you
  • I miss being seen with you
  • I miss running errands with you
  • I miss our photo drives
  • I miss knowing you’ll be there on a hard day
  • I miss falling into you on those hard days
  • I miss trying to sleep on the sofa together, and eventually giving up because this thing is just a little too small
  • I miss folding clothes with you
  • I miss making the bed with you. I miss this almost every morning
  • I miss how good it always felt when you got home after being gone all day
  • I miss the sound of your voice when you were really happy

I miss all of these things, every day.

But I’m not really sure I miss you.