January 22, 2017

Yesterday we held the largest protest in American history. I was in DC. This is what it looked like.

(from “Faces of the Revolution – Ronnie Lee Bailey, Spring 2017)

17 January, 2017

When it comes to social inequities, you don’t get a pass because it’s not your fault, or it’s not your problem, or because you don’t want to get involved. You don’t get a pass because you are afraid of confrontation, or you don’t like negative energy. You don’t get to cling to peace and light when that peace and light comes at the expense of hungry children and innocent people who are being trampled underfoot by Trump’s brownshirts. If you don’t want me blocking your streets or impeding your customers or disturbing the quiet of your home, then get off your ass and start working to fix the problem. If they don’t sleep, you don’t sleep. Remember that.

9 January, 2017

  • The poor pull their children close when the powerful talk of shared responsibilities. #
  • When a powerful person tells an artist to shut up, we call it censorship. #

8 January, 2017

  • You don’t arrive at “working class people support Donald Trump” until you whitewash the working class.

So I started a new project today – photographing area people who are participating in the Women’s March On Washington on the 21st. I’ll share a few here, most will be saved and displayed at my upcoming show at CUPS Coffee House. The response so far has been huge, and I’m even scheduled to meet with one of the main regional organizers of the march today – less than 10 hours after I announced that I was looking for participants. Not bad.

7 January, 2017

Snowed overnight, and into the morning. Roughly 4-5 inches or so here at the condo. Really pretty.

Some of the stuff I read today, seeing as how I was stuck inside with this weather: